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How to Make Easter Baskets - Evil-Wire

How to Make Easter Baskets

easter baskets

Easter baskets have a long history, rooted in Germanic traditions. They were a symbol of new life and fertility, and were associated with Eostre, the goddess of spring.

Fill your baskets with treats, but also include some activity toys to keep kids busy on the day of the big holiday. These options range from a marshmallow shooter to water balloons and include goodies like cotton candy, Nerds, Fun Dip and Reese’s. Read more amishbaskets.com

Make a paper Easter basket from scratch or breathe new life into an old woven one. Add pompom trim and faux flowers to add a pop of color.

Create a simple basket from brown packing paper, making sure to fold it twice so it’s a bit thicker and more durable for weaving. Cut sixteen 30 x 760mm strips, and use a dab of glue to affix them together at each overlapping strip to form the base for your basket.

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To create the handle, take three of the longer strips and glue them together in a loop at the top. Now weave the ends of the shorter strips around the sides, to form the ‘walls’ of your basket. Then glue the handle in place inside, in the centre of each shorter strip, ensuring that the protruding strips are all folded to 10mm to make them strong enough for the basket to hold its shape.

A small woven basket can be filled with spring-themed toys and candy for the kids, and then converted into drawer storage after the holiday is over. Its extra-strong handles and sturdy construction make it a great option for storing doll clothing, tights or any other accessories your children might need.

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