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Mexico Visitax – The New Mexico Tourist Tax - Evil-Wire

Mexico Visitax – The New Mexico Tourist Tax

mexico visitax

As of April 2021, the Mexican state of Quintana Roo (home to Cancun and other popular destinations) introduced a new tax that’s called Visitax. Also known as the Mexico tourist tax, this mandatory fee applies to all foreign visitors arriving in the region, regardless of their purpose of travel.

The cost of mexico visitax is 224 pesos per person, which is roughly $10 or $11 USD depending on the daily exchange rate. This fee must be paid at the airport or tourist checkpoints upon arrival, and proof of payment must be presented in order to board flights and enter other tourist areas.

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Visitors from Belize will be charged 10 percent less, and citizens of the United States, Canada and Australia receive a discounted rate as well. The VISITAX is intended to support hospitality and tourism initiatives in the region, and it will help promote a safe environment that is welcoming of travelers from all over the world.

Although some travelers may be hesitant about paying an additional fee, it’s important to remember that this is a positive initiative for both local residents and visitors alike. The money raised will go towards improving infrastructure and public services, such as waste management and transportation options, making Mexico a more sustainable and attractive travel destination in the long run. By embracing this new initiative, tourists can continue to enjoy the wonderful hospitality and beauty that this region has to offer. It’s easy to pay Mexico visitax online through a reliable and secure service like Visatax, which will save you time and hassle while complying with local regulations.

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