New York City Dispensaries Embrace Social Justice

NYC Dispensary

New York’s 2024 rollout of legal weed has brought more than just the usual cannabis shops. Many have embraced their community, using their platforms as spaces for cultural engagement, wellness classes, and more!More

From a Brooklyn location named after a famous green film to Manhattan’s first Black woman-owned dispensary, these shops are serving up more than just weed. Designed with a sense of community in mind, they have created a space that feels like homeā€”and the best part? They offer a wide variety of products to suit any mood. Whether you want to relax with an indica or get energized with a sativa, there’s something for everyone.

NYC Dispensary: Exploring New York’s Cannabis Scene

Located blocks from where they were arrested for marijuana-related offenses, this Queens-raised duo’s dispensary is an inspiring story of overcoming adversity. As one of the state’s coveted social justice licensed shops, they use their profits to fund initiatives that break cycles of poverty and homelessness, such as job training and housing. They also offer a curated selection of premium products, from CBD to flower to pre-rolls!

All licensed dispensaries are required to keep detailed records of their product inventory, transactions, and tax liability. They must also be able to notify the Office of Cannabis Management immediately of security breaches or incidents that affect public safety, including theft, diversion, and criminal actions. Fortunately, this process can be simplified by implementing a dispensary POS system, such as Cova, which not only tracks inventory and transaction data, but also automatically synchronizes with METRC and other regulatory systems to comply with the OCM’s requirements.

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