Paddle Boarding Gear

Paddle Boarding Gear

Whether you’re just getting started with paddle boarding or have been a pro for years, it’s important to have the right paddle boarding gear for your needs. This includes a suitable paddle board, the proper clothing and other safety gear. Learn more

Boards: Choose the right size and type of board that fits your skill level, conditions and budget. Generally, you’ll find a selection of rigid and inflatable designs in a variety of shapes.

Rigid boards tend to be heavier and more expensive than inflatable designs, but they have a higher weight capacity, making them great for long multiday trips or to carry multiple people on a single lake paddle. These types of paddle boards are also usually more sturdy and durable, with double-layer PVC side rails to help them handle abrasion and impact from rocks, sharp sticks, logs or other debris.

How to Choose the Right Paddle for Your Paddle Boarding Adventure

Inflatable boards typically are lighter and easier to transport, but they’re also less stable than rigid boards and require more energy to inflate every time you use them. Because they’re inflated with air, they also tend to be more susceptible to leaks, so you should always have an extra set of paddles.

Safety: Wear a PFD, leash and rescue whistle when paddling on lakes or rivers. Life jackets are mandatory in the US, but rules vary elsewhere. Inflatable PFDs have low profiles and can be worn in the traditional vest-style or tucked into a belt that resembles a fanny pack.

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