SEMRAD (Searching for the Meaning of Life) is a concept that was originally developed by Carl Jung. In his book The Illuminations, Jung pointed to five primary mirrors through which we can view the human personality. These are reflective self-knowledge, reflection of our inner truth, the mirror of our wisdom, the reflective wisdom, the human personality, and the oneness of our being. Through the study of these mirrors we can gain access to our deeper truth and help to transform our personality. Jung believed that through the study of the human psyche we could make better contact with our personal unconscious and learn how to connect with this part of ourselves that lay beneath the surface of our conscious mind.

A Breakthrough in the Search For the Meaning of Life

While studying in Germany, Semrad experienced a personal crisis that resulted in the formation of SEMRAD – the primary mirror to the psyche. He wrote a number of articles and manuscripts on the subject and learned quickly that this area of study had tremendous potential as a therapy for mental illness. After studying for a few years in Germany he emigrated to the United States and founded what would become the Chicago Therapy Group.

Semrad founded his Chicago Therapy Group with the mission of offering a non-judgmental, constructive support for those who were seeking recovery from mental illness. Over the years the Chicago Therapy Group has continued to meet their mission while also adding new forms of treatment, such as Thematic Studies and Group Therapy. The Chicago SEMRAD Society is a not for profit consumer bankruptcy law firm that provides free counseling to consumers and other individuals in need.

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