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Spree Sports Review - Evil-Wire

Spree Sports Review

Spree Sports is a revolutionary fitness monitor that makes monitoring body temperature, heart rate and movement simple. Instead of a wrist band, the device fits into a headband that is designed to fit your forehead, which is more accurate than other fitness trackers.

What is the sport of love?

The Pod comes in a waterproof case and sends biometric data to the iOS app. It also provides GPS route mapping for running, walking, cycling and gym sessions.

When you first get the Spree Sports POD you should charge it for a couple of hours before use. Once the device is fully charged you can begin using it to track your heart rate, distance, speed, time and calories.

It has a small status light that stays on while charging and flashes when it is fully charged. You can charge it with a micro USB cable or a standard iPhone charger.

You can easily remove the Pod from the headband for charging and wash it between workouts. It has an 8-hour active-use battery that is long enough for most workouts.

The headband itself is made from a breathable, lightweight woven material with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 30. It also has a silicone insert along the front to hold the Spree POD.

It comes in a black color and the headband has two strap adjusters on each side to ensure a proper fit. The back of the headband is velcro. This makes it easy to adjust and secure the Spree POD in place.

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