The Basics of IP Communication

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Opex Systems already has a number of small IP unified system providers in NZ including NZ Mobile, SkyNet, Zebra Mobile and T4 Telecom. They will soon be joined by more high quality providers, such as Hydro One, Teletrak, Ingo Maurer and PHEON. These providers will not only bring greater capacity and better hardware to bear, but they will do it through the same company. This means that all of the hardware will be one size fits all, and that unified communications NZ will be much more uniform and easier to work with for users.

Boost Your Unified Communications Nz With These Tips

It’s simple to see why there is such an intense interest in Wireless and IP unified communications. Just as wireless communication has matured from the traditional land line based phone system, IP unified communications is poised to come of age just as the telephone did. There are currently companies such as Opex who have made considerable advances on this technology. What we are talking about here are systems that allow you to talk to people through their cellular phones (with you, of course), and to use the same hardware to send messages and files back and forth across these same networks.

It is important that any company who is considering using unified communications NZ technology, makes sure they work with an authentic provider. Companies who are not licensed or registered under the necessary legislation may find themselves being penalized and/or having their licenses revoked. The best route to take in this situation is to seek a licensed and registered company to work with. You should also check your existing phone service provider. If you currently use a hosted PBX system, you may want to move your phone number there instead of trying to migrate your current phone service.

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