The Best Womens Boxing Gloves For Women

best womens boxing gloves

Boxing is a fun and best womens boxing gloves martial art that can also build strength, agility, and endurance. But, in order to perform to the best of your ability you need the right pair of gloves. The wrong size, construction material, or closing system can leave you with an uncomfortable fit or even a dangerously high amount of sweat. To combat these issues, it is highly recommended that you opt for a pair of gloves designed for women which will give you a more snug and secure fit while leaving your hands free from the heat and moisture generated by the hand movements.

RDX offers a good pair of training gloves for women with its RDX Women Boxing Gloves. The molded fit of these gloves ensures that your fist stays tight and is protected. The velcro wrist closure offers an excellent fit and allows for easy adjustment of the glove to suit your wrist. The padded design protects your hands from heavy bag strikes and is comfortable to wear for longer workout sessions.

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The Fairtex BGV14 is another of the best womens boxing gloves to choose from for women as it is light and provides great protection with its double layer of foam. The Everfresh treatment helps reduce odor and bacteria build up and the Everlast fabric is breathable to keep your hands cool during a workout.

Another nice feature of these gloves is the long cuff wrist support which is adjustable and gives more comprehensive support to your wrist and hands, especially for beginners who tend to lose control with a loose grip. This particular model is made with a mix of real leather and microfiber which is an interesting addition to the material as it absorbs sweat more quickly than conventional materials but will require frequent cleaning to avoid the build up of odor and bacteria.

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