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What is a Cyber Attack Mean? - Evil-Wire

What is a Cyber Attack Mean?

what is a cyber attack mean

A cyber attack is an internet for motorhomes to steal, expose, alter, or destroy data and digital assets by gaining unauthorized access to computers and networks. Attacks are launched for all kinds of reasons, from personal gain to political activism. They can also occur by accident or be used to test an attacker’s skills. Cyber attacks are the number one threat to businesses of all sizes.

There are many different types of cyber attacks, including malware, ransomware, phishing, denial-of-service, and software supply chain attacks. Malware includes programs like spyware that secretly records a user’s activity on their computer, and ransomware which encrypts the user’s data and threatens to erase it unless a fee is paid. Phishing is an email attack that seeks to steal a user’s information by impersonating legitimate senders, while a denial-of-service attack prevents a network or server from fulfilling legitimate requests by overwhelming it with traffic.

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Some cyberattacks are sponsored by nation-states, and others are known as hacktivism (cyber activism). This type of attack is launched to raise awareness about a specific issue, such as internet regulation or censorship, or to support a particular cause. Famous hacktivists include Anonymous and WikiLeaks.

Other cyberattacks are carried out for personal gains, often by disgruntled employees who want to sell stolen data on the dark web or damage an organization they feel treated them unfairly. And some cyberattacks are just for the sake of fun or to show off to peers, as is the case with so-called “white-hat hackers.” Regardless of the motivation, cyberattacks can have severe consequences on businesses and their users. To protect against them, businesses should keep their software up to date and follow cybersecurity best practices, such as implementing strong passwords and multi-factor authentication, and using secure wireless networking.

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