YouTube Solutions for Brands

YouTube Solutions

YouTube Solutions – Lenos is a massive, public portal that is used by people of all ages and backgrounds for both entertainment and information. The website has a complex technological ecosystem that powers over 117 billion monthly visits. YouTube is also a powerful tool for brands to connect with audiences and drive conversions.

One way to do this is by making your videos shoppable and leveraging automation to convert visitors into email subscribers and customers. Another is to create and distribute video content that inspires people to take action. We’ve seen this work well for companies like Aerie, who drove brand love and omnichannel apparel sales in their 2020 spring campaign. And for startups like Mos, who help students find funds to avoid student debts.

AI in Fashion and Design

A key component of the YouTube experience is its recommendations. The site has a two-tiered AI algorithm that delivers personalized recommendations. The candidate generation system assesses a user’s history and compares it with key data, including their location and preferences. The ranking network then takes this information into account, prioritizing the best and most relevant content.

This algorithm takes a range of factors into account, including the number of times a video is watched, how often it is watched, how much time is spent watching it, and whether or not the video is shared or liked. It also considers a variety of other signals, such as the popularity of a video or its creator, its topic, and how it relates to other popular videos. Additionally, YouTube considers the satisfaction of users when selecting videos to show them. This is measured through surveys that are sent out after each video, and by analyzing likes, dislikes, and shares.

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